One year ago today: Canada wins Olympic hockey gold


Canada defeats USA in the gold medal hockey game -- the last game of the 2010 Winter Olympics. Vancouver police estimate there were between 100,000 and 150,000 people on the streets. Bus service had to be suspended.

I was asked to find Americans for a story, so I set about looking for people looking miserable. These two Californians were the first I came upon. Guy on the left said he lit his cigarette as soon as Canada scored. Guy on the right said no more than, "It was an amazing game, but-- fuck."

We won on Feb. 28, in the afternoon. This photo was taken at 12:30 a.m. the next day.

In loving memory of Olympic Jesus

To have known Jordan Krull is to not have been surprised by anything. He was curiously energetic and unfailingly entertaining. No outing with him, no matter how brief, was dull — ever. He told stories that, had they come from anyone else, surely would have been made up. Encounters with him became stories of their own.

For months before the start of the 2010 Winter Olympics, Jordan had crafted plans to light a joint off the Olympic torch. He had wanted to do it in memory of Buffalo, a close friend of ours, who had died months earlier. I laughed every time he mentioned the plan. “C’mon, I just need a little intelligence on where the torch will be headed,” he’d plead. When the Games were finally in sight, and I started hearing exactly where the relay route would be headed, I mentioned it to Jordan, still not really thinking much of it.

He was taking it all very seriously, of course, following the flame as it wound through the province:

As the Olympics began, I found myself being hurled face-first into a neon cyclone of booze, scrums, events, party houses, high-fives and frenzied renditions of “O’ Canada.” I didn’t have much time to speak with Jordan, but a few days in — around this time last year — he called me and asked if I had heard.

“Heard what?”

“I stole the flame, like Prometheus, and cops tackled me to the ground.”

No, I had not heard. He pointed me in the direction of his Facebook page, where I saw the photo pictured above. The face on his shirt is that of Buffalo’s. Our friends had printed them after Buff’s death to raise funds for his family.

A short time later, the following video emerged:

He would explain to me later that he wasn’t really lighting a joint off the torch, but rather a Zippo. He wanted to “steal” the flame — like Prometheus — and cradle it to a safer location, where he would then light a joint off it. He was tackled before that happened, of course.

Right after the video was posted on YouTube, Jordan commented:

i am the dude from the video. i was trying to steal the fire like prometheus & return it to the mortals. and also light a doobie with the flame for super irony. personally i think i look more like a homeless tom petty. second 8 through 11 are the awesomest in the video. “don’t resist” followed by me falling limp to the cobble stone, priceless. technically i had several other attempts, one of which was far more successful in north van, but ended the same way, maynard getting twisted up by the law

Maynard, by the way, is the name he arbitrarily took on a couple years back. Things like that are just expected with Jordan.

The video has received more than 322,000 views to date. There is also a “Maynard Olympic Jesus Fan Club” Facebook page.

Jordan died in August 2010 after falling from a train in the Photharam district of Ratchaburi province in Thailand. His stay there was part of a larger, soul-searching sabbatical that took him through several countries in an attempt to find meaning and “figure shit out in the world.” Regarding that particular train ride, friends say he was en route to Koh Phangan for the Full Moon Party — one of the biggest parties in the world.

He was, and continues to be, one of my best friends. Like with Buffalo, when Jordan died, we also printed T-shirts bearing his face:

Miss him always. ❤