2Pac biopic casting for lead role

After all these years, 2Pac remains one of my favourite rappers of all time. He is certainly the first I ever really, really liked. His music was intelligent but commercially successful, braggadocio but honest — it had (has) “underground hip-hop” sensibilities with mainstream appeal. He was a real poet, a real intellect, a real activist. On top of that, he was an actor — a good actor. And he was undeniably charismatic. His death was a devastating loss to the culture.

For these reasons, Morgan Creek Productions and Skee.TV/Karmaloop.TV are going to have some massive shoes to fill in trying to cast the lead in his biopic. According to this website, the flick, titled simply Tupac, will be produced by James G. Robinson, David Robinson and LT Hutton and directed by Antoine Fuqua, who did Training Day, Tears of the Sun and Brooklyn’s Finest. Interested applicants are asked to submit an audition reel of themselves doing a short monologue — script here — and a minute of a 2Pac song. It’s going to be really difficult, if not impossible, finding someone who can nail the look, voice, mannerisms and charisma.

Submissions will be accepted until April 30.

On a related note: Has anyone else  ever heard of Blac Haze? Dude sounds so much like Pac: