Did Ray-Ban rip Stanley Cup “riot kissing couple” photo?

I’m a firm believer that most art, and creative ideas, have been done before, to some extent — i.e. even if one has never seen it, it’s likely something similar is floating around in this big bizarro world of ours.

That said, I can’t help but think Ray-Ban’s new ad, which features a couple kissing passionately amid a violent riot, is directly influenced by Rich Lam’s iconic “riot kissing couple” image from last year.

Lam’s photo of Scott Jones comforting his girlfriend Alexandra Thomas, who had been knocked down by riot police during the June 15, 2011, Stanley Cup riot in Vancouver, garnered international attention — as did the couple — and was named by numerous organizations as one of the top photos of the year. It’s pretty much impossible NOT to know about the image. Disclosure: Lam is a good friend, yaddy yadda.

Lam’s only gripe is that he didn’t get free shades. “I bet that photog got a pair!!!!!”


UPDATE: Tara Foslien tells me the photo is being used in a sweater ad in Italy. Yeesh.

Bonus: Lam offered some sage advice in a signed copy of the photo:

Oven-like bus shelter ad includes working heater

From OhGizmo! via Neatorama:

As part of a campaign for their new “Hot ‘n Wholesome” breakfast menu, Caribou Coffee’s ad agency, Colle + McVoy, created these amazing bus shelter advertisements for the city of Minneapolis. Not only do they look like giant ovens, but the heating element on the roof actually works! So those waiting inside stay as toasty as the breakfast sandwiches appearing on the poster behind them.

I’d buy their sandwiches.