Getty opens up (some of) its stock photo vault for free

From engadget:

Whether it’s @HistoryinPics or just an Imgur-hosted picture posted to Reddit, professional photos are being used everywhere on the internet — and usually without payment or credit to the original owner. Getty Images licenses out stock photos (including coverage of sports, news and fashion events) for use by the media (cough), businesses and artists, and now it’s hoping to get some control back, by letting anyone use them for free. Free that is, as long as they’re posted with Getty’s new embed feature which, like the ones we’ve gotten used to onFlickr, YouTube and other internet sites, produces the appropriate HTML to pop the picture in a blog or social media post.

At launch, it’s specifically designed to tie in with sites like WordPress and Tumblr, and on Twitter, links produce a card with the image and information. The pictures won’t be watermarked, but it also links back to and includes attribution for the photographer. It seems like a win-win for everyone, and an admission by Getty that simply trying to paywall access to high quality pics won’t keep them from being posted everywhere anyway. Meanwhile, everyone from casual tweeters to those starting great websites for the next ten years just getting their start can access high quality photos without worrying about scary legal letters or getting their account shut down.

According to CNET, Getty has opened up 35-million images for free use. When you randomly go through images and look for the embed button, though, there seems to be — at least for the moment — more misses than hits. Also, while I don’t mind that clicking on the image directs you to Getty’s site, I’m not crazy about the giant Getty tag under the image. But free is free.

Embed from Getty Images

(That’s was a result in a Getty stock image search for “unimpressed.”)

KNOWSHOW: August 2012

From the KNOWSHOW website:

Established in 2006, the KNOWSHOW is a privately held bi-annual tradeshow catering to Canada’s top lifestyle, fashion and action sports retailers and brands. Each January and August wholesalers of selected brands and their reps premier new products to the nations best retailers and media during a three day show held at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

More great stuff from KNOWSHOW. Going into 2013, we’re seeing a continuance of the handcrafted, artisanal, straight-out-the-haberdashery aesthetic — leathers, suede, wood and wool in natural, earthy tones. Noticed several brands are also going with leaf/bird prints, like the Herschel and Burton bags pictured below. Standout to me this year was Farmfresh, a Saskatoon-based brand that has only been around for a month. Great textures, clean lines and silhouettes, classic colours. Timeless. Looking forward to seeing more from them.

A few of my favourites:

Farmfresh men’s eyewear

Farmfresh Brooks bag in chocolate

Farmfresh Rail bag in charcoal

Farmfresh wooden iPhone skins

Jeremy Scott for Adidas

Jeremy Scott for Adidas

Obey accessories

Herschel bird print bags

Penfield shoes

Tavik ruffled bikini bottom

Burton bird print backpack


Sitka soft leather ties


Vans Off The Wall

“Must… tweet…”

If you’re at all interested in this stuff, I’d definitely recommend checking out the next one when it rolls through town. It’s a great opportunity to see what’s coming down the line from not just major, powerhouse brands, like Adidas and Vans, but up-and-coming, local independents, like Farmfresh.

Special thanks to Malania Dela Cruz.