Nicely done, Internet

From the Globe and Mail:

Bullied to tears by teenagers on a school bus where she worked as a monitor, a New York State grandmother will be getting the vacation of a lifetime, thanks to the fundraising efforts of a Toronto man.

The episode, an illustration of the powers of the Internet to both hurt then redeem, began when Max Sidorov saw a video of the bullying which had gone viral.

Mr. Sidorov then went online to raise money to comfort the woman and, in less than 24 hours, raised more than $200,000 and turned himself and the bus monitor into global celebrities.

You really have to watch the video to get a sense of how bad it was. What would you do if one of those kids was your son?!

Sidorov saw the video and set a goal of fundraising $5,000 for the woman, Karen Klein, so she could perhaps go on a nice vacation. In a day, he raised more than $365,000. Cheers to you, Mr. Sidorov.

Read the whole Globe story here.

JUNE 22 UPDATE: $578,000 and counting!

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