2011 Photo Throwdown: We did it!

One year ago, Erin Loxam and I pledged to take and upload a photo every single day for the entire year. Somehow, we’ve gone and done it. I believe she originally thought we’d last about three weeks.

Reflections: I was really struggling at some points, especially on days that consisted of nothing but waking up, going to work and going home. It was also a pain to upload something to WordPress every day, so every once in a while I’d bank up a number of photos then post them all. That was something Erin found annoying, too. Further, Erin just takes a lot more photos than I do — and way better ones — so on some days when she was posting amazing nature shots, I was posting photos of the takeout I was eating at work.

Overall, I liked the challenge, and knowing that we saw through a year-long goal that required at least minimal effort on a daily basis. I will probably continue posting the odd photo, but it absolutely won’t be every day anymore. Maybe once a week, once every two weeks.

Thanks to Erin, for challenging me both to stick with it and put a little effort into my shots, and my former journalism instructor Mark Hamilton, who inspired this throwdown last year by challenging his students to commit one creative act every day.

Below, a few shots from the year that were particularly significant to me, for one reason or another:

Gastown steam clock on a rainy Vancouver night - Jan. 5, 2011

Mubarak out - Feb. 12, 2011

Old timey gas station in Steveston village - Feb. 22, 2011)

Granville Street - Feb. ? (Might not even be Feb), 2011

Page from Revolutionary Road - March 12, 2011

Snoopy - April 12, 2011

Flames engulf a construction site at Cambie near Garden City in Richmond - May 3, 2011

Puerto Vallarta - April ?, 2011

Wedding day - May 21, 2011

Kid vs. boxer – May 22, 2011

Dejected Canucks fans on Granville Street after Bruins' brutal 8-1 win in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final - June 6, 2011

Best office ever. At Rogers Arena for Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final - June 1, 2011

More than just glass: Stanley Cup Riot - June 15, 2011

Riot wall - June 20ish, 2011

Somewhere between Burlington and Bellingham, maybe - July 10, 2011

July 31, 2011

Little guy in a big, big world - Aug. 5, 2011

A perfect day on the Sunshine Coast - Aug ?, 2011

Henry Miller, a cappuccino and the Marmara Sea, in Istanbul - Oct ?, 2011

Girl in the red coat - Oct ?, 2011

Occupy Vancouver begins - Oct. 15, 2011

Nov. 7, 2011

Painting - Nov. 16, 2011

Occupy Cascadia - Nov. 18, 2011

Spotted on a street sign, on a rainy Vancouver night - Nov. 26, 2011

See how Erin did here.

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