2011 Photo Throwdown: Day 213 – The Jomelet™ is born

The Jomelet™: For the busy woman on the go! (iPhone – Aug. 1)

I have invented something that will likely make me a millionaire many times over. I’ll tell you what it is, but you can’t rip it off or tell anyone, okay?

It’s called The Jomelet™: pre-mixed omelet goodness in a jar. Almost every day I try to make a somewhat healthy and nutritious breakfast for myself, but when the alarm goes off I end up hitting snooze about four times then picking up a bagel on the way in. Omelets are pretty quick and nutritious, but it’s a hassle washing and chopping stuff first thing in the morning, when every second I can remain asleep is precious.

Over the weekend I decided to pre-chop a few things to save time in the mornings. I then had a moment of clarity — a moment of divine inspiration, if you will. I blended a bunch of eggs, along with extra egg whites (prefer to cut back on yolks when possible) then put ’em in a jar, along with chopped spinach and mushrooms. Now, in the morning, I can just pour the mixture into a pan and add cheese. EHHH??

Friend and colleague Erin Loxam and I have pledged to take and upload one photo every day for all of 2011. See how she’s doing here.


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