1. That was really troubling to see. I would never have thought it could happen in Vancouver. I too hope the police can find out the master minds to this destruction of a beautiful city. I am a American but I think Vancouver is one of the best cities in North America.

  2. i really hope all of them get caught. best of luck, I’m sorry to all the innocents whose cars got burnt or stores got smashed, i would be so pissed ):<

  3. Hate to say this but how ironic the ‘More than just Glass’ Glass repair work truck was destroyed at the same time it was becoming an extremely valuable asset?
    Xie Xie Andrea you did an amazing job covering this via the ‘Twitterverse’. Shocking (and disturbing) photos as well.

  4. i have never been to Vancouver i live in saskatchewan and by watching all of that likly never will go to van sad to see what ppl can do to there own city hope everyone of them get caught through facebook or ppl step up and turn them retards in sad to see feel bad for the innocent ppl who got hurt or places got damaged and good job to the police for taking a beating and doing there job!!!!!!!!!!

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