2011 Photo Throwdown: Day 133

(iPhone – May 13, 2011)

Had the great opportunity of speaking on a panel today called “Twitter & News: What Is Next?” as part of “personal blogging and social media conference” Northern Voice 2011. My fellow panellists were photo-a-day partner Erin Loxam (News 1130), Yuliya Talmazan (News 1130), Theresa Lalonde (CBC) and Bob Mackin.

Photo by @DixonTam

Man. I hope one day to be able to speak publicly as eloquently and fluidly as they can. I never get nervous during interviews, in front of celebrities, around people of power, etc., but tell me to speak publicly and I get all King’s Speech-y.

Regardless, I think the panel went pretty well, and there were some great discussions.

Some takeaway points:

  • Journalists have alwas needed to marry speed and accuracy, but the pressure is further upped with the immediacy of Twitter
  • Admit mistakes as soon as you discover them; don’t just delete incorrect tweets.
  • Twitter is not just an RSS feed. Engage your readers/audience. The passage of information goes both ways.

UPDATE: Great little recap by Rick Chung here.

Friend and colleague Erin Loxam and I have pledged to take and upload one photo every day for all of 2011. See how she’s doing here.


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