Eman al-Obeidi facing charges


Eman al-Obeidi is a Libyan lawyer who burst into a room at a Tripoli hotel over the weekend, hysterically telling the foreign journalists present she had been raped by Moammar Gadhafi’s troops — 15 men — after being stopped at a checkpoint the Wednesday prior. She was tackled by waitresses and government handlers, with some reports stating a waitress pulled a knife on her and called her a traitor.

Al-Obeidi has now been detained by Gadhafi’s forces and the men whom she accused, including the son of a high-ranking Libyan official, are suing her. “It’s a legal case,” government spokesman Mussa Ibrahim told media. “The boys she accused of rape are making a case against her because it’s a grave offence to accuse someone of a sexual crime.” Ibrahim also said al-Obedi was drunk and mentally ill, and not a lawyer but a prostitute.

Al-Obeidi’s parents, who have photos of her graduating with her law degree, say Gadhafi’s men have been calling repeatedly, saying if they could convince their daughter to change her story, they would be rewarded with anything they wanted — money, a new home.

Imagine the courage it took for Eman al-Obeidi to do what she did. Imagine what might happen to her now.

Read more about al-Obeidi here.

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