How to make a shooter’s sandwich

I feel painfully left out not having known what a shooter’s sandwich is before today, but I’ve now seen the light and look forward to a future with these delightful, meaty monstrosities. In short: It’s steak — lots of it — mushrooms, onions and other goodness stuffed into a loaf of bread and flattened. Om nom nom.

A little history from Mrs. Delicious:

The Shooter’s Sandwich was popular during the Edwardian Period in Great Britain, the period of time just after the turn of the century. The Edwardians enjoyed their rich and meaty food. This is the era of time that popularised the “Full English Breakfast”, which if you are familiar with it, will definitely summarise what sort of food was eaten during the time. This sandwich was designed to be eaten at room temperature by the men gone hunting for the day. So it follows that it is big and mannish.

In modern terms, this is a great twist on a steak sandwich. It is easily made in advance and is perfect picnic food. It’s not the cheapest meal, but it’s an awesome way to eat steak, and probably the best sandwich ever.

Recipe from The Guardian:

  1. You’ll need your choice of crusty loaf, a couple of good steaks – these are rib-eyes – roughly the same shape in plan as the loaf, 500g of mushrooms and 200g of shallots
  2. Slice off the top quarter of the loaf, hook out most of the crumb and save for breadcrumbs
  3. Cut your shallots and mushrooms into fine dice and put about 75g of butter into the pan. I got lucky and had a similar quantity of bone marrow left over in the fridge
  4. Cook mushrooms and shallots in the butter until they’ve softened, reduced in size and lost a substantial amount of moisture. Once they’re done, season to your taste. I used plenty of salt and black pepper, some finely grated garlic a shot of brandy and a splash of Worcestershire sauce. Those fearing scurvy might add some chopped parsley too
  5. Season your steaks and bring them to the pink side of medium in a searing hot dry pan
  6. Don’t bother resting the steaks. Work fast and tuck the first one, dripping and hot, straight into the bottom of the hollow loaf
  7. Dollop in your hot mushroom mixture
  8. Tuck your second steak over the mushrooms. At this stage I usually smear hot horseradish on the top steak and Dijon mustard on the inside of the lid
  9. Fit the lid back on to the loaf
  10. Wrap in greaseproof paper and tie with butcher’s string like this. Then wrap in two layers of foil and smush flat under a heavy cutting board and as many weights as you can find
  11. Leave under the weights in a reasonably cool place (don’t refrigerate) for at least six hours or preferably overnight. Remove the foil and cut through string, paper and sandwich
  12. Serve sliced like cake accompanied by something vaguely vegetable-based to assuage the guilt

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