New app lets strangers do random things with you

From the Huffington Post:

You may not be an avant-garde revolutionary, but why not make your life a little more surprising? Situationist, an iPhone app that takes its name from the midcentury philosophical movement, tries to infuse your everyday life with a bit more excitement.

What it is: By setting up a profile with Situationist, you pick a number of strange situations you’d be willing to take part in–from complimenting a haircut, to giving a 5-second hug, to inciting a local revolution–and then wait for other Situationists to come into range.

How it works: When others are in range, the app alerts you to let you know which situation you’re meant to engage in. Unlike some other GPS-enabled apps, it doesn’t show you everyone who has the app in your radius. Instead of seeking out fellow thrill-seekers, you have to wait for them to surprise you.

Users can also suggest their own situations, which are then vetted by the makers of the app. Photos are moderated to prevent inappropriate imagery. Users can also report any behavior that makes them uncomfortable–though the app notes, the point is to meet strangers.

Why you’d use it: When life seems to have calcified into an unremitting repetition of the mundane, it could be useful to inject some chaos and surprise into your routine.

In a cooler world, this could have epic, Total Recall-esque, pick-your-own-adventure-type potential, but the reality is that it will be the next app to be immediately defiled by perverts and porn enthusiasts. Guaranteed one of the first requested situations will be “Give me blowjob.” This is why we can’t have nice things.

Check out the Situationist site here.

UPDATE: Mia Bennett — who, according to her Twitter bio is CEO of Turned On Digital and just launched the Situationist app — tweeted me the following:

all content on situationist is moderated and it’s a bit random. So it would be very difficult to misuse the app


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