Rebecca Black = Mr. Brainwash of the music industry


I just tonight heard about Rebecca Black, the comically bad teen singer whose music video went viral and whose name on Twitter trended higher than earthquake-devastated Japan in the past few days. I am convinced this is an elaborate joke by some young, technologically-savvy music industry dudes, wanting to prove a point about the state of the industry, playing up tired pop cliches, brainless lyrics, cute marketable teens, autotune, etc. — much like how some people are convinced Banksy created Mr. Brainwash as a joke. The fact these parody songs are structurally well put-together, the blatant cliches and the label’s name, Ark Music Factory, make this seem obvious to me.

I could have sworn some Internet nerd would have proven it’s a hoax by now — finding out she’s an actor, like Lonelygirl15, or that her label’s website shares the same IP address as known pranksters, for example — but no one has.

I’m basically posting this to prove that I knew this since before it was officially Mythbusted.

Consider it documented.

See more ridiculous videos from other “singers” on the label here.

UPDATE: Just found this below. Come ON, people!! How is there ANY doubt?? Agh, I feel stupid even pointing it out now.

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