Dream TV interview with Wael Ghonim

Here is the Dream TV’s emotional interview with Google executive Wael Ghonim, 30, who was a key organizer of the online campaign that triggered the first protests in Egypt on Jan. 25. Ghonim told his employer in the UAE, where he lived, that he needed a few days off for a personal matter — which ended up being to attend the protest.

He was arrested by state security officers two days later and blindfolded for 12 days. Friends, coworkers and family had no idea where he went, whether he was alive or not — he had essentially disappeared.

Upon being released — and becoming a reluctant hero  — he insisted protesters stand strong until their demands are met: “For our martyrs, we must insist.”

He also tweeted:

When you don’t see anything but a black scene for 12 days you keep praying that those outside still remember you. Thanks everyone #Jan25

Ghonim said in the interview the one thing that pained him the most during his time in custody was being called a traitor:

“If I was a traitor, I would have stayed by the swimming pool in my house in the UAE, and enjoy my life, and get paid, and get raises — what’s the problem? Is it our country? It’s theirs! That’s what I’d say if we were traitors. I’m not a traitor.”


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