2011 Photo Throwdown: Day 33


Remember these things?! Phone booth on Main Street (iPhone – Feb. 02, 2011)

Amazing, the light and colours you can get in a shot when you’re actually outdoors during daylight like a normal human being. (I had a hair appointment before work today.) Also, turns out there are more things to photograph than booze and dogs on the street.

On Erin’s blog today, she wrote:

I think the key to keeping up with this challenge is to never procrastinate. If I have a photo, I don’t wait for something better, I just upload it.  I wonder what the secret to Andrea Woo‘s success is…

My answer is that I clearly haven’t figured it out yet. I have a handful of shots I quite like, but the majority are last-minute efforts I’m fine never seeing again in my life. For the sake of this throwdown — and my well-being in general — I should probably wake up earlier and frequent more places than my apartment, the gym, work and the bar.


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