Uprising in Egypt

(Not sure who to credit this to, but I found it on Twitter.)

As of 1:30 p.m. PST Tuesday, two protesters and one policeman have died in Egypt’s biggest anti-government demonstration in a generation. In the past eight days, at least 12 (!) Egyptians have set themselves on fire — the act that first triggered the mass uprising in Tunisia — in protest of corruption, unemployment and poverty, calling for an end to President Hosni Mubarak’s 30-year rule.

As with Tunisia, I am following the news overwhelming via Twitter. There are reports the micro-blogging service has been blocked in Egypt during a protest, however tweets are still trickling out from citizens via smartphone apps, proxies and SMS. (Egyptian blogger @Zeinobia said in response to my query: “The twitter website is blocked in Egypt , we are using alternatives like applications and proxies software #Jan25“)

One I love:

As a side note: In addition to the expected Twitter hashtags of #Egypt and #Cairo, a useful one that wasn’t used (as far as I knew) for Tunisia is the date, like the blogger used: #Jan25.

Another great information resource is The Guardian’s live-blog of the events. Some disturbing tweets from a video journalist they pointed out:

7.20pm: The video journalist Mohamed Abdelfattah has posted some distressing tweets – using the Twitter for Blackberry app – from the scene of the protests, where he says he has been arrested. Here’s some of his posts – all filed within minutes of each other and presented here in chronological order.

@mfatta7 Tear gas

@mfatta7 I’m suffocating

@mfatta7 We r trapped inside a building

@mfatta7 Armored vehicles outside

@mfatta7 Help we r suffocating

@mfatta7 I will be arrested

@mfatta7 Help !!!

@mfatta7 Arrested

@mfatta7 Ikve been beaten alot

Another interesting resource is Ustream’s live-feed of downtown Cairo, however it’s been up and down all morning.

And, video of a man having a “Tienanmen Square” moment as he faces down a water cannon vehicle:

UPDATE – 1:52 PST: “Anonymous,” of pro #WikiLeaks fame, reportedly attacking Egypt’s Ministry of Interior site. Indeed, http://www.egypt.gov.eg is down. (You may remember it as the group that launched DDoS attacks against PayPal, Visa, MasterCard who cut services to WikiLeaks.)

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