B.C. woman reduced to tears by airport security rethinks air travel

Elizabeth Strecker, 82, says she is humiliated after airport security in Calgary forced her to reveal her gel breast prosthesis. (Photograph by: Global B.C., Global News)

Well this is humiliating. From my story in Saturday’s Vancouver Sun:

An 82-year-old Abbotsford woman is considering giving up air travel after a humiliating encounter with airport security screeners.

Elizabeth Strecker said when screeners at Calgary International Airport asked her whether she was carrying any liquids or gels before boarding her flight back to B.C. last week, it never crossed her mind to mention the gel prosthesis she’s worn since losing a breast to cancer.

“It never entered my mind,” Strecker told The Vancouver Sun Friday, with anger still apparent in her voice. “Why does the whole world need to know?”

Screeners sent Strecker for a secondary inspection at the security checkpoint, where she was then subjected to a pat-down and forced to reveal the prosthesis in public. She said she was never given the option to go through a full-body scanner and didn’t know she could ask to be screened in private room.

“Being in public, and being touched like that, it was really, really not called for,” she said. “After all, I was coming home from Christmas with my kids [in Calgary]. I didn’t go into a different country, I didn’t go across the country. I went on a one-hour flight home and they made me feel as though I was a terrorist. That I resent with all my heart.”

Continue reading here.

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