2011 Photo Throwdown

On like Donkey Kong: My response to Loxam's challenge, scrawled in condensation on my bedroom window (iPhone - Jan. 2, 2011)

I was inspired by two New Year-related tweets from my former journalism instructor, Mark Hamilton: In one, he challenged his students to commit one creative act every day, and in another, he announced his pledge to take and upload one photo every day of 2011. I’ve decided to copy his goal.

I tweeted my idea today (Jan. 2) and a few minutes later, tweeted about the anxiety I already felt about my commitment. That’s when my friend and colleague Erin Loxam issued her challenge: We’d have a photo throwdown.

The rules are straightforward: We each take and upload a photo a day until one of us fumbles. (She’s forecasting this to last three weeks.) So far, it’s looking like the overwhelming majority, if not all, of our photos will be taken on our iPhones. Gotta say the throwdown gives me more incentive not to flake (as quickly) and the fact she’s a great photographer will push me a little harder (as opposed to snapping a picture of my feet and calling it a day).

On a side note, I’m going to call this Day 2, even though it’s technically day one of the challenge, only because it will drive me bonkers for the challenge day not to match the day of the year. Consider this party hat shot my Day 1 submission.

Alright, let’s go.

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