The top videos of 2010

From my story — which I had great fun working on — in Saturday’s Vancouver Sun:


It was the video that shot WikiLeaks to international prominence: On April 5, the whistle-blowing website released a classified U.S. military video depicting the graphic killing of more than a dozen Iraqi civilians, fired upon from an Apache helicopter circling above the suburb of New Baghdad.

The release of the video, bluntly titled Collateral Murder, set off a powerful ripple of activity, embarrassing the U.S. government, turning the world’s attention to the secret-spilling website and stamping its founder, Julian Assange, with labels ranging from truth-seeking crusader to dangerous anarchist.

But it all started with a raw 40-minute video of footage from a helicopter gunsight. Indisputably, it was one of the most significant and talked-about videos of 2010, having received more than 10.4 million views on YouTube and sparking worldwide discussions on government transparency and freedom of speech.

Continue reading here.

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