WikiLeaks: A round-up of good reads

Linked below are a few of the more interesting/insightful takes on the WikiLeaks saga I’ve read recently, in addition to the great Time magazine cover story in the previous post. A solid debate is brewing: Does the dumping of such sensitive information jeopardize the lives and safety of confidential sources around the world? Does it restore healthy criticism of an overly-secretive, deceptive government?  Two quotes I love: 1.) “Secrecy is necessary for national security and effective diplomacy … but it is also inevitable that the prerogative of secrecy will be used to hide the misdeeds of the permanent state and its privileged agents.” – The Economist, and 2.) “The hallmark of a truly effective internal security system would be the maximum possible disclosure, recognizing that secrecy can best be preserved only when credibility is truly maintained.” – Justice Potter Stewart, 1971 — posted on the WikiLeaks website.


Will either add to this entry in the coming days or create new posts as I come across more.

Like it or not, WikiLeaks is a media entity” – Gigaom (via @katyanderson)

“WikiLeaks is a publisher — a new kind of publisher, but a publisher nonetheless — and that makes this a freedom of the press issue. Like it or not, WikiLeaks is fundamentally a journalistic entity, and as such it deserves our protection.”

Truth is not enough” – Joho the Blog (via @gmarkham)

“I don’t think Wikileaks’ actions can be justified simply by saying, ‘But the site is just saying the truth!’ It’s far more complex than that. What effect will this exposure have? How might it have been a more effective exposure? What do we gain and what to we lose. With this round of Wikileaks, we both gain and lose, imo.”

Blogging the WikiLeaks” – The Nation blogger Greg Mitchell’s daily live-blogs on the leaks, complete with thoughts, opinions, links

1:15 Editor  of Guardian:  Wash Times published column calling for Assange assassination yesterday (as I covered here) — after paper asked HIM for WIki files earlier in week.”

Why I love WikiLeaks”  – Slate

“The idea of WikiLeaks is scarier than anything the organization has leaked or anything Assange has done because it restores our distrust in the institutions that control our lives.”

WikiLeaks just made the world more repressive” – The Globe and Mail

“The damage done to Washington is nothing compared to the pain that is about to be inflicted on the confidential sources in Russia, China and Sudan.”

WikiLeaks faces more heat in wake of cablegate” – The Tech Herald

“In a free society, we are supposed to know the truth. In a society where truth becomes treason, we are in big trouble.”

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