Kanye covers Complex

Complex‘s December issue has a great cover story on the making of Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. I would kill for an opportunity like the one the author of the article, Complex editor-in-chief Noah Callahan-Bever, had: Hang out in with ‘Ye and friends in a Hawaiian recording studio for several days, witness the creative process, have the ability to ask all the major players — in person and in a relaxed, informal setting — about their thoughts on, and approach to, the project. Moments like these, to me, are what make music journalism really, truly, rewarding. It’s a wholly satisfying feeling to immerse yourself in a story you’re excited about, to use our 26-letter alphabet to paint a vivid and vibrant picture of everything happening, to convey the energy around around you.

Sigh. I miss it.

Here is a link to the story, which includes a 40-flick photo gallery. Three of my favourite shots:

Kanye, a bowl of Crunchberries, and the day's notes. Nabil Elderkin photo.

Just a few things for Rap Camp attendees to keep in mind. Nabil Elderkin photo.

RZA and Kanye in a rare moment of repose. Nabil Elderkin photo

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